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Malaysia Airlines at Phnom Penh in CambodiaMalaysia Airlines  
Malaysina Airlines is one of the most important airplanes companies with routes opened in the south east Asia, from Kuala Lumpur and all around the world wide destinations. The fleet has 16 Airbus (330-200 and 330-300) and 75 Boeing (B737 - 747 - 777). The on-board service is one of the most appreciated, delivering to passengers a maximum comfort (seats, equipement) as well as specific services given the ticket class ( Golden Lounge, porter service in Kuala Lumpur Airport, simplified check-in/out formalities, SMS and email, power point for laptop). You will certainly fly one of these days on Malaysian Airways.
Website :
172-174, boulevard Monivong (Hotel Diamond) BR Tel : 023 426 688
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Mango Cambodia at Phnom Penh in CambodiaMango Cambodia  
Set in a select residential area just a stone’s throw from the heart of Phnom Penh with Double Rooms  complete with luxury en-suite bath, cable TV/DVD and mini fridge, air conditioning in all bedrooms, complimentary wireless internet.
Website :
26, road 352 BKK I Tel : 023 998 657
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Maybank at Phnom Penh in CambodiaMaybank  
This bank, set in an old colonial house, entirely restaured, is a full branch of the head office in Malaysia, with about 450 branches worldwide. Affiliated to the financial worldwide network, this bank delivers to its customers a large scale of services for local and international customers. An ATM will be on service by 2006 year end. All the staff speak english.
Website :
48, road 114 WP Tel : 023 210 123
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Mekong Express Limousine Bus at Phnom Penh in CambodiaMekong Express Limousine Bus  
One of the largets provincial bus companies operating inCambodia; The most convenient public transportation with its Deluxs Bus service. Not still direct line to provinces cities, in spite of its inside equipement (sanitary, services). Also double fair : one for cambodians and an other one for foreigners...
Website :
87, quai Sisowath PC Tel : 023 427 518
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Mekong Web Internet  
391, quai Sisowath P.KDI Tel : 012 877 668
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MekongNet at Phnom Penh in CambodiaMekongNet  
A new company offering all the range of web server and web provider through optical fiber, available in Phnom Penh, Battambang, Siem Reap and Bavet ! High speeed and secured intenet provider . Speed up to 2,(gigabit/sec. Also free charges for call within Ifone network. International call rate starting from $00,02/minute, billing per second. One of the faster global fiber internet connectivity.
Website :
95, boulevard Monivong CCN Tel : 023 226 622
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This new vietnamese company is a web server with a large choice of connections and price, between $20 and $270 for 128/64 kbps to 2048/640. Installation fees for $30 and deposit $50 to $530. Data allowance 800mb to 6500mb. Every one can makes the good choice.
86 D, rute 13 P.KDI Tel : 1777/1771
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Moon Florist  
Shop selling all kinds of fresh flowers and souvenirs. Protocol and decoration services for all parties and ceremonies. Free delivery services. All is hand made on instant of order. Prices affordables.
9, road 184 CCN Tel : 015679788
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Moto 69 Cambodia  
Import, repair and sales of japanese motos
200, street 182 TL II Tel : 097 8986765
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41, road 222 CTM Tel : 012 845 467
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Mailinh Open Tours  
391, boulevard Sihanouk CTM Tel : 023 221 666
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Mean Chey Internet  
32, road 271 TT Tel : 011 833 955
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Mega Asia Travel Co,.Ltd at Phnom Penh in CambodiaMega Asia Travel Co,.Ltd  
Website :
313E0, boulevard Monivong BTP Tel : 023 227 888
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Mekong Bank  
6, boulevard Monivong SC Tel : 023 430 862
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Mey Mey Internet  
286, road 284 Tel : 015 230 062
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Monsoon Salon International  
113, boulevard Mao Tse Tung ( Parkway Square) TSP II Tel : 023 300 888
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