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Pacharan Tapas & Bodega  
Entrance by the Royal-Palace esplanade. Restaurant room and large bar upstairs, with a beautiful parquet. sober decor with wall painting like puzzle of bottles, in the color tones of yellow, brown and red, naturally lighted. Terrace and sight on the Tonlé Sap and esplanade. Authentic spanish cuisine with tapas and paëllas. Full set menu on demand.
Open everyday from 11h00 to 23h00
389 E1, quai Sisowath angle road 184 chey chumnea Daun Penh Cambodia CCN Tel : 023 224 394
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Palace Hong Kong  
We enter in a large room, with four range of tables. Mirors are on the side-walls, enlarging the sight of the room. The menu is expressed in khmer, chinese, english with a short description of the dish, classified by food type. Prices from $2 to $6 for the most dishes.Special meals, with sea-food are billed more than $20. Cooking chinese.
Open everyday from 11h to 22h
456, boulevard Monivong BKK I Tel : 012 368 883
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Palais Coffee  
A small area where you can eat waffles, sandwiches, coffee, snacks.
Open everyday from 9h00 to 17h00
50, boulevard Norodom CCN Tel : 023 212 887
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Paris Bistro  
Bistro style restaurant, with air conditioning. Pleasant seating and table decor. Menu in french and english with european cooking and special of the day. Khmer cuisine too. Raisonnable prices. Clean aspect and qualified staff.
Open everyday from 11h00 to 23h00
185, quai Sisowath Tel : 099 654 179
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PC Hotel Bar Restaurant at Phnom Penh in CambodiaPC Hotel Bar Restaurant  
Located at the corner of street 51 and 174, in a night owl area, the restaurant of the hotel opens at 7am up to 10pm with 2 formulas. Menu all you can eat at $9,50 and the formula at $7,50 (half-chicken roasted, potatoes, salad) . Taste an exceptional glass of wine (Bordeaux, Graves 2008) for $3,50 or $25 by liter ! Bar, floor terrace, VIP salons, air conditioning. Take away : 1/4 roasted chicken, $5 or whole chicken for $10, all with potatoes and salad.
See also : PC Hotel
Open everyday from 7h to 22h
60, street 51corner street 174 P.T lll Tel : 023 22 21 20
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Phad Thai    Fermé !
Open everyday from 10h00 to 22h00
112, boulevard Sothearos CTM Tel : 011 721 669
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Phka Krohvane Restaurant Beer-Garden  
Open everyday from 17h00 to 23h00
673, boulevard Monivong (angle road 360) BTB Tel : 012 959 553
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Phnom Penh cafe-internet and pub  
This in not new, to mix drinks at the bar, food in the hall and web in an other place. We acces by a terrace on the street and then we discover the bar on the left. Stools comfortables, some tables with black armed chairs and menu with khmer and thai cuisine, at reasonnable prices. the fond of web will appreciate their own location, upstairs, in the mezzanine with a quite good equipment. Now, a true web-café is on.
Open everyday from 7h to très tard
219 quay Sisowath Tel : 012 956 292
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Pho 24 at Phnom Penh in CambodiaPho 24  
boulevard Sothearos TBS Tel : 016 281 855
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Pho De Paris Restaurant  
Here we find again the specialities of the family handling the "Nouveau Pho de Paris" (see file). Highly appreciated by the surroundings administrations speaking french. French style cooking and of course vietnamese "pho" and khmer cooking. reasonnable price (one speciality dish for $3,50)
43, road 86 MNR Tel : 016 844 833
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Pickled Parrot at Phnom Penh in CambodiaPickled Parrot  
This restaurant is also a pub. All drinks, local and imports. Wood decor and marble on the bank of the bar. Comfortables stools. Billard in a free space. Good music, pleasant staff, TV for sports games. But also restaurant with classics western cooking at reasonable prices.
Open everyday from 6h to minuit
4-6, road 104 WP Tel : 023 986 722
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Pink Elephant Pub  
Pink elephant, means getting plastered... Everything possible if you enjoy a large happy pizza for some $. large choice of ingredients and drinks. If you think its take time, you can play snooker;
Open everyday from 11h00 to minuit
343, quai Sisowath CCN Tel : 012 787 475
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Pizza Tower 2 at Phnom Penh in CambodiaPizza Tower 2  
Open from Lundi to Samedi from 18h00 to 22h30
8, street 172 Tel : 012928172
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Pizza World  
Clean and sober decor, for a quality of fast food appreciated by the youngness of Phnom Penh.
Open everyday from 7h30 to 21h30
328, boulevard Sihanouk BKK III Tel :
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Pon Lok    Fermé !
Open everyday from 10h00 to 23h00
319-323 quai Sisowath CCN Tel : 023 212 025
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Pop Café Di Giorgio at Phnom Penh in CambodiaPop Café Di Giorgio  
Restaurant and shop whith a specific Italia feeling hold by Giglio. Restaurant modest and comfortable with a display unit of cooking articles for sale in a sino-Vietnamese style. Products home made, like pasta and imported (oils, wines). Good taste and quality.The comers are mainly regular customers. We did not taste the Italian mocha coffee. Clean and simple decor, in an harmonious white and black tonalities. Painting Gallery show permanently
Open everyday from 11h30 to 14h30 and from 18h to 22h
371, quai Sisowath CCN Tel : 012 562 892
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Palm View Café Restaurant  
Open everyday from 24h sur 24h to
53, boulevard Monivong (Phnom Penh Hotel) MNR Tel : 023 427 402
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Paris Bubble Tea  
335, boulevard Monivong BTP Tel : 023 223 09 88
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Passage 2 India  
Open everyday from 11h00 to 14h30 and from 17h30 to 22h00
17, road 322 Tel : 023 726 449,023 726 844
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Peace Pub  
Open everyday from 11h30 to minuit
126, road 136 P.T lll Tel : 012 790 898
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Peking Canteen  
Open everyday from 11h00 to 22h00
93, road 136 P.T I Tel : 011 909 548
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Phnom Penh Orchid  
Open everyday from 6h30 to 23h00
7, road 360 BKK I Tel : 023 351 107/023 351 108
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Phnom Penh Thmei Canteen  
road151 angle road 118 PC Tel : 012 726 691
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Open everyday from 10h00 to tard
335, quai Sisowath P.KDI Tel : 012 710 588
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Pizza Club  
Open everyday from 10h00 to 22h00
312A, boulevard Monivong BPL Tel : 012 440 686(Anglais)
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Open everyday from 7h00 to 22h00
46 Confederation de la Russie K Tel : 023 890 007
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Pyongyang Restaurant  
Open everyday from 11h00 to 21h00
400, boulevard Monivong BKK I Tel : 023 993 765
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