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Pavillon d'Asie at Phnom Penh in CambodiaPavillon d'Asie  
Located near the fountain of the Sihanouk Boulvard, this shop exposes on two levels an astonishing sample of what can be process in Asia, such silks, wood or stone carving, dishes, painting, small and large furnitures, ornemental vases, etc. All this items are shown like in situation in your home. On upper level a room is dedicated to temporary art exhibition. A unique place to discover. Pleasant welcoming, in french.
24-26, boulevard Sihanouk TBS Tel : 023 221 909
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Pencil Supermarket  
This supermarket, opened on three floors, delivers all the good that you need, as food, materiels, drinks, perfumes, shoes, clothes for all the family, a special floor for the baby and his equipment, articles for the kitchen and the home decor. Specialized shops in the all propose services. Fast food on the same floor. An other "Pencil II" is in front the Cambodiana Hotel.
15, road 214 angle boulevard Monivong BR Tel : 023 982 394
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Phnom Penh Optics  
Sell all kinds of glasses, brand names, imported, ect.
399, boulevard Monivong & 138 boulevard Sihanouk BPL Tel : 023 216 987
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Pizza $5 at Phnom Penh in CambodiaPizza $5  
Pizza$5 Cambodia, Phnom Penh, free delivery !
81, street 130 P.KDI Tel : 855 67 890005
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Playstation Shop  
Small shop selling all Sony derivatives for applications and games. Good turnover of articles. Fidelity member card for DVD and CD.
Shopping Sorya Center 3P 31, 32 P.T I Tel : 012 863 432
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Project Spirulina Cambodia  
The Spirulina is a bacteria that is under study for industrial developpement. The project is to provid spirulina free of charge to immune compromised individuals and undernourished piople in Cambodia. With the help of the NGO HAGAR and CARE International, the project is managed by Prject Spirulina Cambodia. In January 2006 with a basin of 50m2, they pilot the project to expand to 8000m2, the surface for a reasonnable low cost production in Cambodia.
C/Hagar Co Ltd Projet Spiruline BSL Tel : 012 946 976
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Decorate purple uniforms, clothes, trinkets, creating crafts
26, road 178 CCN Tel : 023 212 174
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P.P General  
288, boulevard Monivong BR Tel : 023 223 636
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Pannaleak Boutique  
1B, road 278 BKK I Tel : 012 894 735
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Paragon Shopping Center  
15, road 214 CTM Tel : 023 220 348
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Paris Optics  
350, boulevard Charles de Gaulle P.T ll Tel :
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Perfect Translation  
46, road 360 BKK I Tel : 023 997 905
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Phnom Penh Water Park  
50, road 110 BSL Tel : 023 881 008
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Princess & Princess  
Website :
6A, road 65 SC Tel : 012 708 053
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PTC Computer Technologies at Phnom Penh in CambodiaPTC Computer Technologies  
Website :
250-252, boulevard Monivong BR Tel : 023 222 212
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