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Magic Gecko at Phnom Penh in CambodiaMagic Gecko  
In Phnom Penh, this shop is unique with its particular collection of furnitures, made in steel and then decorated with many others materials, in particular issue. You will find cambodian silk draperies or pieces of clothes, reproduction carving of Javayarman VII, also in unique piece, some items for home decoration or to be weared, for fashion.
See also : Artsteel 87, road 240 CCN Tel : 012 890 916
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Marine House  Closed !
General store with exclusively Japan imported articles.
25, boulevard Mao Tse Tong TBS Tel : 023 222 608
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Mekong Quilts at Phnom Penh in CambodiaMekong Quilts  
NGO providing employement to unskilled people to create home accessories, gifts and decorations items, and providing scholarship, pormoting many health and quality of life in remote villages of Svey Rieng.
Website :
49, road 240 CCN Tel : 023 219 607
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Menard at Phnom Penh in CambodiaMenard  
Japanese leader in the beauty cosmetics products. Shop with facial massage available.
Website :
98, boulevard Norodom BR Tel : 023 222 240
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Mith Samlanh Friends at Phnom Penh in CambodiaMith Samlanh Friends  
Website :
215, road 13 P.KDI Tel : 023 426 748
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Monument Books at Phnom Penh in CambodiaMonument Books  
Also set in the International Phnom Penh Airport, come and discover this unique large hall in boulevard Norodom. You will find an impressive choice of books, newspapers, documents, on any subject, classified by interest. Mainly edited in english, some shelves disclose books in khmer, french, or japanese or other languages. And also some old books, monies and office-stamps. Convenient, welcoming, cozy, Monuent Books is more than just the biggest bookshop in Phnom Penh. A new tea-room and toys store are set.
Website :
111, boulevard Norodom CTM Tel : 023 217 617
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MR.Travel and Express Services  
Entry by the Sisowath quay with a small site to park itself. A large room in length offers to you all the services of billetery (voyages, hotels, visas, etc) like all the possibilities of communications by Internet.
277, quai Sisowath P.KDI Tel : 023 220 346
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Mu-Im Musical Instrument  
Shop dedicated to strings instruments. There all kinds of acoustic guitars, mandolines, violons, cello, etc and many related accessories.
6, road 128 (Kampuchea Krom) P.T ll Tel : 023 630 3779
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Maruhan Japan Bank  
83, boulevard Norodom Tel : 023 999 010
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Mega Asset Management Co., Ltd.  
315, street 110, corner of Preah Monivong, Canadia Tower, 11th Floor WP Tel : 023 430 686
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Mékong Arts  
33, road 178 CCN Tel : 023 210 387
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Mineral Water O at Phnom Penh in CambodiaMineral Water O  
Website :
152, road 51 CTM Tel : 023 222 992
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Mood Salon  
53, boulevard Monivong (hotel Phnom Penh) SC Tel : 023 991 668
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Moonlit Furniture & Sofa Shop  
219, quai Sisowath CTM Tel : 011 838 900
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9, road 51 BKK I Tel : 016 222 750
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